Patta Chitta Online – How To View, Check Status & Validity Of Patta Chitta EC Tamilnadu

By | March 29, 2019

Patta Chitta viewers you can find patta chitta online status and easy to find out patta chitta number so you are the right place and finding right article. You can view Ec online, Patta Chitta all terms and find all about patta chitta. Also in this article patta chitta are landed and it’s revenue records by Tamilnadu government, all legal information like Property transfer, property legal opinion and value of this property, etc.


Patta chitta is an online record of all land, plot or property and it’s revenue and what is an owner of this property. buyer can clear of this property its reason Tamilnadu government open this portal for all Tamilnadu people.

Let’s Clear Patta And Chitta.

Download patta chitta official app click here

What Is Patta Chitta?

Patta is a familiar for Tamilnadu people it’s a record of the real name of the owner of the land of property or plot. In this all owner details, we can find the owner of a Land or plot via patta number. One nest think to verify self of this land before making or dealing or buying. It computer-stored data and open for Tamilnadu people.

Following details in this patta:

  1. name of the village, taluka, and District
  2. Patta Number
  3. Name of real owner name
  4. survey number with subdivision
  5. is it dry or wet (nanjai nilam or punjai nilan)
  6. Tax details of this area and land

Next one this part is Chitta

Required Document For Patta:

  • One Scan Copy And original
  • Parent Document
  • Old patta copy
  • Take EC to collect from sub-registers office to the need date of registration.

What is Chitta?

Chitta is a government document and provides by village administrative officer (VAO) and Local Taluka office. A Chitta is provided Land or property’s area, size, And ownership, most important in this Separate land into nanjai and punjai, and it says which restriction placed to use of this land.

Nanjai (Wet-Land):

Land With Water supply easily, nanjai type land mostly has a water body like a river, lake, canal, ponds, etc nearly.

Punjai (Dry-Land):

This type of land usually Fewer water sources and a small number of water-source its mostly used bore, well etc. source of water.

Patta Chitta Online Status And Application For Patta And Chitta:

Apply online Patta/Chitta Application and document submit to Tamilnadu government. For online pattachitta views follow this step:

  • Visit First of Tamilnadu official website ( website available in English/Tamil ) Click here to visit the official website
  • Select ” View Patta & FMB / chitta / TSLR Extract ” for property district location find.
  • Enter District.
  • Use patta Number Or Survey number for this Document Please carry to Patta Number, survey number, Location, etc.

  • Feel all details in a row.
  • after entering authentication number Which is displayed below the field

  • Also, You can take a copy or print of this.


If you can Choose FMB so you get Land map and Size or location. This is shown like that

What is an FBM (Field Measuring Book) sketch?

FBM is field measuring book it means this is required to property transfer.this is show to the exact location of this land and size and make a sketch like a map of property or land.

it’s component is



Subdivision line,


Ex line,

Survey number.

What is TSLR?

TSLR is Town Survey Land Record, it’s also like patta issued by Tamil Nadu government for any land, property etc.

How To Check Patta Chitta Status:

You want check your status of your pattachitta you can visit Tamilnadu official website.

The Validity of Patta Chitta Certificate:

Your pattachitta Certificate validity checks online here. you need all the details of reference number.

How To Transfer Patta Chitta:

Sometime banker or buyer need to transfer patta chitta online and instant required to do them. that time easy way is online transfer patta chitta application.

Required Documents for Patta Transfer:

  1. Patta transfer application with signed.
  2. print or copy of sale deed. The original document must be required for verification.
  3. position proof as an address proof: EC Bill or property tax receipt.
  4. Encumbrance certificate submitted must be concern officers.
  5. original document of property.

Those are document required to patta transfer by Tamilnadu government required.

you applying for this pattachitta transfer you will get an application Id and Reference number.

Transfer Patta Chitta Process:

Some buddy question me to can we transfer our patta chitta ?

Yes, we can transfer online patta chitta application. Mostly this type use banker and many people buy or sell and work on land for need this.

The owner this property effort to the taluka officer and also village administrative.If you want to transfer pattachitta so submit this application at taluka office and village administrative same.

Click here to get an application form of transfer patta-chitta.

How Much Charge (Fee) Of Patta Chitta Transfer :

Patta Chitta Transfer normally obtains charge is 100Rs. only Via online payment.

Final Words For Patta Chitta Online:

Those all of details it’s required to any online patta chitta work like transfer or dealing, sell, buy etc. so you know this all information and all data available official website of Tamilnadu for more information visit patta chitta.

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