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How to Register a Company in India | Private Company Register in India

If you are a plan or make a company in India and you officially launch and register in the government of India so you seeking a problem and don’t know about how to register a company in India so you are the right place

Must carefully read this article and we show you step by step and fully guide for register a company in India.

Types of Business And Company in India :

Nowadays 4 type company register accept in India let’s first of discuss those types

1.    One Person Company
2.    Limited Liability Partnership
3.    Private Limited Company
4.    Public Limited Company

Let’s discuss one by one in Short

1. One Person Company

One Person company is called short in OPC. This type of company owner and worker and promoter by one person is called the one-person company. This rules started in 2013.

2. Limited Liability Partnership

This Limited Liability Partnership is the second type of company and short name is LLP. In this company sign an agreement and only limited company.

3. Private Limited Company

In this third type, the company have founder and shareholder all are legal and government record included. This type of company hire employees and permanent job offering and individual work focus in this type of company

4. Public Limited Company

This is last and four-part or types Public Limited Company and the short form is PLC. In this company mainly register in government record and make government work like tender and etc. like as social work and many more.
Those four types include in a company and you can register with only 4 types. Select One type of your company and next side.

Choose Right Business and Company type

We got a Question about that like why this is important to choose the right company type? So we discuss this question.
Yes, this is very important to choose the right type of your business and company because TAX you learn right TAX. Tax is deferent this is types wise collect tax and some copyright and getting some issue in future so now you choose the right business and company type.
Now we discuss the main point of how to register my company in India.

How to Register a Company in India?

If you are looking for your company register in government so follow these steps:
  1. You need Digital Signature Certificate
  2. You need Director Identification Number
  3. Register On MCA
  4. Or New User Registration
  5. You need an Incorporation Certificate.
You have all of the document so you work is very easy you can’t this item so visite any CA office or Advocate they will help you best. Find cheap advocate or CA they helped you.


I hope this article helped you to register your own company but any problem or query so feel free and comment down we soled you. Thanks for visit.

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