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How to Apply for Voter ID Card in Gujarat

The Voter ID card is a document that confirms your identity as an adult citizen of the country and is used primarily to vote in municipal, state, and general elections. It is issued by the Election Commission and is also known as the Election Photo ID Card or EPIC. Read the steps by steps given below to apply for a Voter ID online in Gujarat:

Step of Apply for Voter ID Card in Gujarat:

  • Then go to register, After then fill the Mobile no, google captcha, Aadhar card number (I have EPIC number), Email ID, then create a password. Then click on the register button. after that, you log in your account.

  • After login, you will three option available. first option is the inclusion of name, second is deletion of name and last option is a modification in detail.
  • than click on the first option that is Inclusion of name. after you will see from than fill the required detail than click on the search button. than select your area. after that, you will show from six names from. you have to fill the required details. than click the submit button. Your Voter ID is submitted.
  • you will also have the option to upload documents. You will receive a copy of the PDF file which you will have to save and print out.
  • You must submit the copy nearest Election Commission office by post. After verification of the document, A new voter ID will be sent to you by post at your registered address.

This gives you the video of applying for a Voter ID online in Gujarat...

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